Plastic Surgery is another name for the restoration and correction of the form and function, especially in the field of medicine explains board certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles Peter B Fodor MD, FACS. Because the name of this procedure has ‘’plastic’’ in it, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who undergoes this procedure is regarded as a total fake entity. This name is derived from the Greek word plastikos which in literal meaning goes for molding and this gives the material plastic its name as well.

This special kind of surgery involves the alteration of the patient’s appearance as well as the ability to function. There are reconstructive and cosmetic procedures that are conducted by highly specialized surgeons that strive to improve the patient’s appearance and self image.

The plastic surgery involves skin grafting which is a very common technique of skin tissue transfer from one part of the body to another. These skin grafts can be taken from the donors to the recipients as well. With careful planning of incision we can generally expect good results from plastic surgery so that they fall in the natural skin lines or folds with appropriate wound closure using the best suture materials available.

The most common forms of plastic surgery are the reconstructive surgery and the cosmetic surgery, as mentioned earlier. To correct the functional impairments which are mainly caused by burns, traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities, cleft lips, facial bone fractures and breaks; the Reconstructive Surgery is usually performed which improves function and appearance to normal condition.

However, Cosmetic Surgery is a procedure used to remove the signs of aging or improve a person’s appearance by working on the normal parts of the body. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, nasal surgery, liposuction, eyelid surgery or abdominoplasty. For more information about tummy tuck visit



Further subdivision of plastic surgery includes:

  • Craniofacial surgery
  • Burn surgery
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Microsurgery


Teeth Issues

When people feel uncomfortable with their teeth, this affects the way that they interact in social settings. A person who has damaged teeth will often refrain from smiling, and may refrain from talking in public. If they do talk in public, they will often do it in a way designed to help them hide their teeth from others. For example they may talk with their hand over their mouth, or they may smile with their hand over their mouth.  Maybe its time to talk to a dentist or visit one online like Dr Crawford is located in Ft Wayne IN.

Porcelain veneers allow individuals who were once self conscience about the appearance of their teeth to once again feel confident and interact in social situations with pride.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Looking your greatest at all occasions is a aim of a number of folks. It’s a great feeling to look in the morning and be able to convey to yourself, “Wow, I look basically impressive today.” There are a number of goods and recommendations out there, and here are some that will help. Visit for more details.

Before you apply base coat or colored polish to your fingernails or toenails, clean the nail beds thoroughly with a cotton ball soaked in polish remover – even if your nails aren’t already polished. This will rapidly remove any traces of dirt, oils, or hand creams from the region, which allows the base coat or polish to adhere to the nail more effectively.

In the event you are attempting to find that organic shine from your eyebrows and lashes, petroleum jelly is a terrific tool to use. Apply a few at bedtime, every single night. Once you wake up, be sure to keep in mind to wash it off. This will keep your eyelashes & brows shiny, all day long.

Though it’s excellent to use conditioner on your hair, make sure not to use too much. An overabundance of conditioner is not fantastic for your hair. It can make it oily and trigger dandruff. Make sure not to use any leave-in conditioner and that you wash all of the conditioner out of your hair. Visit for more details.

Rather than applying bogus eyelashes that might fall off sometime during the day, use an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler will curl your lashes upwards & away from the eye, making your eyes turn up larger. Be sure you use the curler before applying mascara, or you will are compelled to reapply it.

If one wants to do everything that they can to sustain their beauty then they should take a consider their finger and even toe nails. These locations can quite often get neglected & construct up dirt. Also finger nails that are too lengthy can break or be otherwise undesirable.

Beauty must not be considered a sort of competition between yourself plus the top models in magazines. The thought of beauty is not to compete with others though to become the finest & most confident version of yourself that you might be. This will enable you in loads of places of your life.

Use a high quality, waterproof mascara at the beach or swimming pool. Water can rapidly wash away your beauty routine. Employing waterproof merchandise can keep this from happening. If all of your other merchandise wash off nevertheless your mascara remains, you will still look “done up” and complete.

Use the foundation under your makeup cap as a concealer. In the event you have run out of concealer and want to use a lot of, just take the makeup that has collected below the cap of your foundation. This makeup will work perfect as a concealer since it is thick and handles imperfections.

If you wish to look your finest like so many other men and women you came to the correct piece of content. That feeling of inner security when we find ourselves appealing, are comfy within our skin, is unmatched. Apply some of the tips provided in this editorial & your next trip to the mirror might be a positive 1.


Breast Augmentation and what it means to you.. worth it?

There is a lack of confidence concerning plastic surgery: Who can obtain this as well as why individuals pick it? It is a typical inquiry since it was never ever talked about between 2 individuals or in the media due to that plastic surgery was only for a specific targeted market. Hollywood celebrities as well as various other rich people understood this, so the subject never ever gone over openly. Factors have actually transformed and now plastic surgical treatment is too mainstream. Naturally, everyone could obtain this. Cosmetic surgery has proceeded past anyone’s assumptions from its early stages and new design, including the utilization of laser devices for the liposuction surgery treatment has made a lot more selections open for even more folks to obtain that suitable appearance they wanted.


Also that suitable look is no more directed solely by Hollywood concepts. Liposuction surgery is among the primary procedure in plastic surgery because people which strive to minimize their weight still get no development with workouts and also diet. The liposuction allows the fat decrease to ensure that an individual can remove fat; however, physical exercises and a great diet is constantly great to keep a healthy lifestyle. Not everybody intends to be tom trip; people like you and me would like to decrease fat for a healthy way of life. One could assist his or her body by lowering fat.

Women which have tiny breast additionally struggles with confidence and this triggers this treatment to be one of the most popular in plastic surgery. For more information about breast implants visit Every woman wishes to boost her functions and this can’t be done without breast enhancement. Women that are picking this treatment only to please their men, are entirely incorrect. Since one must not do anything to her or his physical body for somebody else. If it is your wish, then do it. Be happy in whatever you do.

Worrying which is resolving on plastic surgical treatment, it might shock you to realize that both genders (men and women) of all ages are picking plastic surgical treatment. Plastic surgery is being valued by the globe as well as everyone obtains to select plastic surgical procedure.

Plastic surgical treatment has actually proceeded beyond anyone’s assumptions from its very early phases and new design, including the application of lasers for the liposuction procedure has actually made much more choices open for more individuals to get that ideal look they desired. Continue reading and visit

Liposuction surgery is one of the major treatment in plastic surgical procedure since people that attempt difficult to reduce their weight still get no development with physical exercises as well as diet regimen. Concerning that is clearing up on plastic surgical procedure, it might shock you to realize that both genders (guys and also women) of all ages are selecting plastic surgery. Plastic surgical procedure is being appreciated by the world and also everybody gets to choose plastic surgical treatment.

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Typical and Cosmetic Dentistry

GreatSmileCosmetic dentistry as described on can be compared to a kind of artistic work of the mouth. Great to superb procedures requires special dental skills, which can only be done by a dental professional. A dentist can do cosmetic procedure without getting a specific cosmetic degree, and a cosmetic dental specialist can also perform the same. However, there is a big difference in both of them; one specializes in typical dentistry while the other has special skills in cosmetic dentistry. So what will you choose a cosmetic dental professional or a typical dental professional? Of course, your smile is so important that you cannot allow any typical dentist to perform these procedures. Also, the process as well as the appearance will look different in both cases.

What you must remember is that every kind of dentist must require enough experience to perform a cosmetic procedure. If your family dentist is good in cosmetic procedure, then you can have it done through him. However, if you are not sure about it, then you should start looking for a cosmetic dental professional. There are many differences between cosmetic and typical dentists:

Dental professional of cosmetic field are mainly involved with beautification of the teeth as well as the mouth. They are enthusiastic about the visual quality of teeth. Typical dental professionals on the other hand, are involved with the dental health as well as the performance of the gum area and teeth. They don’t focus on the looks; they focus on the dental issues. Not every cosmetic dentist can solve all kinds of dental problem, but a typical dentist can fix every kind of dental issue. Cosmetic professionals like Mark Gjerde, DDS care about the appearance as well as the health, while the typical dentist care about only health.

The typical dental training includes fixing of dental problems, so the dentists are professionally trained to treat dental issues rather than making mouth more attractive. Dentists who have cosmetics as a specialty are also typical trained, but they learn a unique feature of making beautiful smiles.
These differences don’t mean that a type of dentist like is more educated; both have professional degrees and both are oriented towards their field of work. Your family dentist is best for treating gum disease and teeth problem; however, he or she cannot deal professionally with cosmetic dentistry. The attributes, demeanor and abilities are all exceptionally extraordinary and particular to the occupation.

Emergency Dental Care

People who do not visit a dentist like regularly face challenging situations to get emergency dental care. It is quite simple to expect that since you never had any perceptible issues with your teeth, then everything is fine. Dental conditions are critical, which means you will never know which issue is rising until you feel pain. That is why it is recommended to visit the dentist on a regular basis to know potential issues. The dentist will assess your teeth by taking x-rays and looking at another aspect. Yes, most of the people who regularly visit dentist never face emergency dental issues.
Only on the grounds that you may have had an awful emergency dental care experience occasionally, does not imply that you need to abandon heading off to the dental specialist. There is no purpose behind why you disregard your dental health. If you have had terrible encounters that dishearten you from visiting the dental practitioner, then the mistake can be found with whom you decide to visit in a dental emergency. Do not repeat the mistake by visiting him again, instead look for a better alternative.

Start with the local searches or visit and they look for reliable dental experts. We have a virtual world, known as the internet; look up to the internet and filter the results according to your home as emergency care should not be far from your home. If you ever had a bad experience, then don’t allow this to happen again. Create a custom list of emergency dental care clinics which are in the neighborhood and note don their details. The internet will help you in filter the most reputed dentists. Do not go with casual reviews, select your purpose and see if there are reviews similar to your condition.
dentist (2)

Get in touch with the treatment centers that appear to be anywhere you wouldn’t see any problem having dental care. You just need to fix an appointment, if you are skeptical about the treatment center. This will clear your doubts. Don’t worry, most of the dental clinics who offer emergency dental care have good facilities. If the place is not good or not according to you, then look for another – consider visiting, but do not underestimate this, as this will give you the surety to get proper care in crisis. If you have a family dentist, then ask him about emergency services.

Vaser Lipo

News has broken out that Vaser Lipo is the new standard for body contouring. It is important to note that there are other very viable options for body contouring through liposuction which are considered tried and true techniques, including: tumescent liposuction, power assisted liposuction, and the super wet technique. Yet, research results about body contouring for the purpose of fat transfer holds promise for the Vaser Lipo. According to a Stanford University researchers report published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, VASER Lipo has proven to be a safe and effective treatment for fat transfer procedures designed to add volume to the breast, face and buttocks. According to the researchers, VASER Lipo is an enhanced fat removal and a complete transfer system because the technology delivers sterile fat that is ready for injection into the desired body contouring areas.
Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cell clusters into small particles for easy removal and smooth injection into the desired body contouring area. The size of the particles generated by the ultrasound are said to be smaller than those derived from traditional liposuction. It is for this reason that researchers feel that Vaser Lipo is better than traditional lipo for fat transfer procedures.

Over 45,000 fat transfer procedures were performed in 2008, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Fat transfers have gained popularity among people interested in the butt lift who now have an alternative to butt implants. Unlike butt implants that may shift or be uncomfortable, liposuction for fat transfers allows for the reduction in fat cells in a desired area and placement of extracted fat cells in the body area for a natural full appearance. Fat transfers have also become popular for adding volume to the lips as well as enhancing facial and body contours such as cheek bones or breasts.

Not all people interested in liposuction desire a fat transfer. Therefore, it is not appropriate to term Vaser Lipo as the standard for body contouring. However, Vaser Lipo may be a viable option for people interested in fat transfers to achieve body contouring.

Need a suggestion? Visit one of these surgeons.
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Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty Recovery

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to provide fit looking, flatter stomach. This surgery takes both the fat as well as the extra skin from the abdominal region (middle and lower regions). In a few cases, a surgeon may also tighten the abdominal muscles. A person can be slimmer with the help of a tummy tuck; however, there are a few recovery issues associated with this process.
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Bed rest for two or three days is necessary after a tummy tuck surgery. Usually, a surgeon provides pressure clothes to help the abdominal area to recover fast, and the patient may be suggested to lie in a position where the abdominal area gets complete rest. Some effects such as mild pain is normal during the recovery period; however, the surgeon will prescribe painkillers. Side effects like stomach upset may appear due to general anesthesia. Elastic stockings may be recommended by a surgeon to prevent the blood clots to form, during the recovery.

There are a few things to be careful for the recovery. These factors may indicate a serious issue that is best assessed by a specialist. An abdominoplasty patient should contact her specialist instantly if he or she experience pain or bleeding. A physician should also be contacted the patient notice some signs of infections. Also, difficulty in breathing should be reported immediately.

How longer required for abdominoplasty recovery differs a bit from patient’s immune system; however, non dissolving stitches can be uprooted by the tenth day after a tummy tuck. Keep in mind that stitches removal varies from person to person. The patient can return to daily lifestyle or work within a few weeks. But, it is better to avoid stress, and heavy weight lifting after the surgery. It is likewise being advised to avoid intercourse for a couple of weeks after the surgery, so that the wounds can heal properly.

For the initial weeks of abdominoplasty recovery, contusions normally linger. Day by day, the swelling starts decreasing in the first seven days of recovery; however, the complete recovery process may take up to six months. A lot of patients experience an unresponsive sensation below the navel area, which may last for a month after the surgery. Gradually, this will disappear, but a few patients will have a bit numb for a lifetime.

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty recovery varies from person to person; however, the success rate of this surgery is 100%, which is quite impressive. Consult with your doctor for detailed information regarding the recovery.

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Breast Augmentation Risks


Breast augmentation is one of the most—if not the absolute most—popular plastic surgery procedures in the world. Just about everyone agrees that “bigger is better,” or at least that “perkier is better,” and millions of women around the world have gone under the knife in order to achieve more perfect proportions. Countless celebrities and ordinary people alike have undergone these kinds or surgeries, particularly the installation of breast implants. However, few realize the actual dangers that come with this purely cosmetic procedure. How much are you willing to risk for the perfect body? Here is a brief list of the ways in which breast augmentation can cause many more problems than it solves.

Calcification: Calcification is the buildup of calcium that can occur around the are oaf the implant. These often-painful spots usually present as hard lumps under the skin of the breast and can even be mistaken for cancerous growths. This results in added stress and worry about the possibility of being labeled with the frightening diagnosis of cancer, not tomention the possibility of further unnecessary surgeries, such as biopsies, in order to see whether or not you may have cancer. In one study, it was found that over fifteen percent of patients given silicone gel breast implants during a span of fifteen years suffered form this harrowing complication.

Capsular Contracture: This term sounds clinical and confusing, but is easily explained. Capsular contracture happens when the tissue capsule around the implant tightens up. This results in the breast becoming firmer or harder in feel. If severe, it can result in the squeezing of the implant itself, which can put you in danger for rupture (more on that later).

Chest Wall Deformity: This complication of breast augmentation surgery is just as bad as it sounds. Chest wall deformity happens when the chest wall (the structure of your chest tissue behind or underneath the breast) becomes misshapen or begins to appear deformed after surgery. It can also affect the appearance of the rib cage as well. This complication can severely alter one’s figure, totally erasing any of the flattering effects of breast augmentation that the patient was seeking out in the first place and causing them to need additional surgeries.

Change in Sensation: This is a concerning and all too real side effect that occurs in many cases of breast augmentation. Damage to certain nerves can cause extreme changes in the sensitivity of the nipple or the whole breast. Many women experience “dead nipple,” where the nipple completely loses sensation because it had to be cut away from the rest of the breast to have its position changed and, unfortunately, did not reattach successfully. Other women experience a heightened sensitivity in their breast and/or nipple area that causes discomfort or pain and, sometimes, difficulty wearing clothing over that area. These issues can even affect sexual response or breastfeeding on a permanent basis. These issues are usually very difficult, if not impossible, to reverse.

Rupture: This is probably one of those side effects that you have heard about with cosmetic surgery procedures involving an implant. Sometimes, an implant’s outer shell will tear or develop a hole. This can cause the contents of the implant (if it is liquid) to leak out into the body cavity. Many unfortunate plastic surgery patients suffer from leaking of saline or other solutions into their chest cavity or other parts of the body. The liquid can even migrate to areas of the body that are far away from the implant area. There have even been reports that silicone was found in the blood of patients who had been given silicone implants.

Breast Tissue Atrophy: This is probably one of the most unpleasant of all of the possible complications that can occur after a breast augmentation. Atrophy of the breast tissue is a complication that, unfortunately, many patients suffer from after undergoing cosmetic procedures on the breast area. It consists of a thinning and shrinking of the skin around the breast and is very difficult to correct. Atrophy is a huge issue and will only cause a patient to have to under go even more procedures in order to get back to optimum health.

This is just a small number of the side effects and complications that are possible when undergoing cosmetic surgery on the breast. From hard lumps and bumps to leaky bags of goo, there are more than a few different reasons to be cautious about the idea of undergoing surgery that is not medically necessary.

Still have questions? Here is a list of local surgeons that can answer your questions.
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Eyelid Surgery Takeover

Plastic surgery is not limited to the rich and famous. Modern Technological advances have improved the procedure and its safety, and made it a great deal less expensive. These factors have propelled plastic surgery into worldwide popularity, particularly in South Korea. Trend Monitor conducted a 2009 survey that indicated one in five Korean women in Seoul have had some type of plastic surgery. Among the latest trends, eyelid surgery is becoming the most popular.

The stigma usually associated with the surgery has fallen away, and it has become so conventional, procedures are openly discussed. Eyelid surgery to create a wide-eyed, double lid appearance is sought after by more Koreans than any other nation. In South Korea the procedure is so frequently talked about, and it is so much a part of normal conversation, that rather than people asking, “Where did you get your designer clothes?” They may ask instead, “Where did you get your eyelid surgery?”

One very popular reality TV program is named “Let Me In,” where participants share sad tales of being victims of bullying before surgery “fixed” them. At the show’s end, they saunter down a stage runway, unveiling their new look before a live audience. If this seems a conformity to Western beauty standards, a well-known Korean plastic surgeon assures, “Western double eyelids are quite different from Korean double eyelids.”

Eyelid plastic surgery is even common among Korean high school girls. There is the belief that a more “natural” appearance will occur as your features develop, if you have the surgery earlier. Many parents prompt their children to get the surgery. Noticing other children becoming better looking, they don’t want their child labeled, “ugly.” One Korean women mentioned to VICE, “Getting your eyes done might even be a graduation present.”

One must keep in mind that all plastic surgery procedures ensue risks, such as permanent numbness of the face, including paralysis. Many women consider the risks, to be just the cost to pay for looking beautiful. In Korea there is the opinion that beautiful women have better lives. Beautiful women will find a husband, get their desired employment, and are treated better by others.

South Korean men are solicited by ads suggesting handsome men find wives and acquire jobs. The popularity of eyelid surgery for men has produced a rapid growth in clinics labeled, “male-only.” South Korea has become renown as a plastic surgery mecca.

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Retaining outer appearance

Retaining outer appearance is one of the chief tasks of today’s time which has taken its toll on hard-earned money. Outer appearance is given much importance more than anything else among people all around the world. Everyone wants to look as attractive as possible and outer appeal is most prone to be connected with affirmative emotion. This need is not only restricted to women even men have this never ending urge of looking attractive in the eye of the beholder. People are willing to spend tons of money on their beauty treatments every month, beauty services just to gain acceptance by the people all around the world.

On the other hand, there is plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery another important part of growing beauty industry. The demand of plastic and cosmetic surgery is increasing due to growing competition which makes people conscious of self improvement. With the help of plastic surgery one can alter even the minutest details that they don’t like about their body. A cosmetic surgery advisor is a person whom you need to trust a lot because they are responsible for making changes in any part of your body starting from nose, eyes, lips face and so on. There is nothing that you cannot change with the help of plastic surgery. Before you choose to undergo any sort of plastic surgery it is important to consult plastic surgery advisor ones, it is important to do so that you will be certain of making all the correct changes in your appearance.

In order to leave someone mesmerized by your beauty, there is much more that you need other than doing make up and enhancing your body parts. In such situations, plastic surgery comes in the picture. If you are looking forward to get plastic surgery done, it is always advised to consult an advisor ones, as they will be the best one on how to go about the whole surgery. For people who are doing it for the first time, it is must and you should ask your advisor all questions that pop up in your mind regarding surgery. Never undergo a plastic surgery if you are not confident about it, or you have any doubts about it. Consulting plastic surgery advisor ones will be very helpful in making the right decision. One aspect many people forget is taking care of your teeth and smile when all this happens. Your smile as we know it is the first thing we see. Visit a dentist like for help with dental implants, porcelain veneers, tooth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry procedure. Visit this site for more information.

Lastly, before you choose your plastic surgeon you need to be very sure that he/she specializes in the kind of surgery that you want to undergo. It is important to identify this because there are surgeons who perform multiple surgeries; it is always recommended to choose the ones that specialize in the one you want just to ensure safety. Also, the most important thing is to select a surgeon whom you can trust and you are confident about his capabilities. It is imperative to choose a reliable surgeon because they are going to change the way you look, so make sure you end up choosing the best one without compromising on anything, no matter if it’s quality or price of the whole process.

Temporomandibular Disorders

According to
– is a result of problems or issues with the jaw

Have you ever felt that way before – your head about to expload? And its constant and doesnt go away with Advil.. You may be suffering from TMJ or TMD..


There are many dentists that offer TMJ treatment like OmniDentalCentre located in Council Bluffs Iowa. They also specialize in treatment of sleep apnea. Dont know what sleep apnea is? Click here.

I came across this video on YouTube about sleep apnea treatment and what is being done.. Check it out.

Video by Dr John Bitner

It’s interesting to note that males according to may consider nose surgery at most any age. Boys that are fifteen and older consider nose surgery to improve self image and confidence. They may feel that nose surgery will allow them to participate in more social and athletic activities if they were to have nose surgery. Men in their twenties and thirties that postponed teen surgery often enjoy the benefits of nose surgery in their adulthood when they can make their own decisions about surgery. Men in their late thirties through the fifties have been to known to undergo nose surgery to enhance social, professional and intimate activities.

The positive implications of nose surgery are not simply the benefits of the procedure, but in the choices associated with the procedure. The procedure may be performed under general or local anesthesia. The procedure may be performed through the open approach involving incisions outside the nose or through the closed approach involving internal incisions. During nose surgery, the underlying cartilage and bone may be reshaped to provide improved nasal contours. The nostrils may be widened or made smaller. The surgery usually does not require more than two hours time and patients often return to normal activities within a few days following the procedure. The cost of nose surgery may range from $4000.00-$6000.00, depending upon the extent of the procedure.

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Breast Augmentation Taxation?


Breast augmentation taxation is on the platform of healthcare issues in 2009. The goal of the taxation for plastic surgery is to assist in providing healthcare coverage to people that cannot afford coverage on their own. Using breast augmentation as an example, let’s take a closer look at what the outcome of taxation could yield. Knowing that breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure and may range in cost from $4,000.00 to $10,000, let’s consider the number of women that have had breast augmentation and the yield in dollars had taxes been levied on the procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 800,000 women in the U.S. selected the breast augmentation procedure in the past three years. If only 25% of the women that had breast augmentation purchased the procedure at the rate of $4000, the yield would bring millions of tax dollars available to help fund the uninsured. And the numbers only reflect an estimated 25% of breast augmentation procedures performed in the past three years. Consider the numbers when we account for all breast augmentation procedures or, for that matter, all plastic surgery procedures. The impact could be startling. But, why would we want to support such taxation?

Some may feel that taxation on plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation is a measure of good will. Others may justify the taxation because the procedures like breast augmentation use breast implants or other technology, and therefore should be taxed. Still others may be against the taxation. They may contend that taxation could significantly harm a highly successful industry that sets a bar for high quality care. From the comforting ambiance to the time the surgeon spends in consultation and in surgical care, plastic surgeons are able to stand above many other types of medical specialists because their services are not governed by external forces. We will not know for some time what the verdict will be. Though, we still know that plastic surgeons stand behind quality services. Even if taxation does come to fruition, the enhancement is life through plastic surgery is truly fulfilling. Breast augmentation will certainly continue to be a popular plastic surgery procedure.

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Better Your Life With a Breast Augmentation

Are you not happy with the size of your chest? There are plenty of other people who have felt the same way as you. For those people, there’s a surgical option available that can help you enhance the size of your chest area. Breast augmentation is a popular form of plastic surgery that has been practiced for many years. Thousands of people have been able to get the chest they’ve wanted thanks to implants made of either saline or silicone. There are plenty of reasons for why chest enhancement can change one’s life in a positive manner. Consider these reasons for why getting the surgery is a good option:

Gain Needed Confidence
Are you avoiding social situations because you’re not happy with your figure? This can certainly be amended with plastic surgery. Many people tend to feel unhappy when they look in the mirror. The size of your chest can be changed, and as long as your goals are realistic, you will get the results you want. There are many people like you who weren’t happy with their cup size. After getting the breast augmentation from a surgeon like M Kayser MD done, they became more comfortable in their own skin and became more comfortable in social situations. If you’re tired of avoiding people because of your lack of confidence, you may want to consider the surgical route to get the happiness that has been eluding you.

Clothing Will Fit Better
Many women with small cup sizes complain that most popular clothing is not designed to fit their figure. By getting a breast augmentation done, you’ll find that shirts will fit a lot easier on your body. You’ll have a greater selection of clothing that is meant to be filled with your new chest. This will give you more opportunities to shop for clothes that you like, rather than just settling with clothes that simply fit. Again, this is a great way to gain self-confidence because you’ll always get the wear the clothes that make you feel the most comfortable.

If you’re on board with getting a breast augmentation, just make sure you find a doctor who has a good reputation and is up to the task. Any reputable surgeon can provide you with before and after pictures of women who had your exact same figure and cup size before the operation. This will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how you’ll look after the surgery is done. You can pick a surgeon whose body of work appeals to you the most. You’re probably aware that there are instances of people getting bad-looking plastic surgery, so you want to decide on a surgeon who constantly makes their patients look great. If you don’t know anybody personally, you can always ask a friend or family member for a recommendation. You can also try looking around the Internet to discover surgeons in your area who happen to have good reviews. Many surgeons try to maintain an online presence in order to attract more prospective patients to their practice.

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How do I know if my nose is broken?


Trauma to the nose can cause a fracture of the nasal bones, fracture of the upper lateral cartilage off of the nasal bones, or create a fracture of the septum also known as a deviated septum. One or all 3 of these may need to be repaired with a septo- rhinoplasty with spreader graft placement. Consultation and examination of the external and internal portion of the nose is required to document medical necessity to repair the nasal fracture. X-rays of the nasal bones are also helpful to determine if the nose has been fractured. Reduction of the nasal fracture is accomplished with medial and lateral osteotomies to realign the nasal bones. A septoplasty is performed to straighten a deviated septum. Harvesting of nasal cartilage and placement of a spreader graft will straighten the upper lateral cartilage and improved breathing as well.

Celebrity Photos: An Aid in Selecting the Right Breast Implant Size?

Undoubtedly, many women turn to celebrity photos to help decide on some of the image enhancements that they would like to proceed with. It is not uncommon for women to tell plastic surgeons that they would like their breasts to look like a specific celebrity. So, let’s take breast implant size. Breast implant size choices do not come in size A, B, C, and D. Breast implants are measured in ccs, profile dimensions and projection proportions. However, a glance at the cup size of some of our nation’s celebrities may help us to decide on the right breast implant size when we present the results to our plastic surgeon.
Cameron Diaz may set expectations for a perfected A cup size. Jennifer Aniston may present a flawless B cup size. There is nothing lost in the translation of Scarlett Johansson’s C cup size.
Salma Hayak may be bestowed with elegance in her greater than C cup size. Yet, there are differences between celebrities’ breasts and the results you may expect to see from breast augmentation.

The Difference between Celebrities’ Breast Size and You
While celebrities may appear to be endorsed with the most beautiful “god” or “plastic surgeon” “given” breasts, every woman’s breasts are shaped differently. Every woman’s breast volume lies in a different location. Each woman’s breasts have a distinct profile. Every woman has a unique chest width size. Each woman’s mid-section size is distinctive. In fact, every woman fits into bras differently. Just as there are many bras to choose today, so are the breast implant choices.

Breast implants may be round in shape or tear drop in shape. There is the silicone gel implant fill or the saline fill. There are breast implants that have more volume in the lower portion of the breast implant and those that have more volume in the upper portion of the breast implant. The side view of breast implant types varies as well. In fact, choices of breast implant widths today are suitable to meet the needs of any size chest. It is no wonder that plastic surgeons dedicate extensive time into selecting the appropriate breast implant type for each patient. Breast implants today are virtually custom made when compared to those of years past.

In addition, breast surgery techniques have changed. While the breast augmentation procedure technique has remained similar to those in years past, plastic surgeons have learned how to reposition breast tissue which may eliminate the need for breast implants in some women. The breast lift procedure was rarely performed years ago. Yet, plastic surgeons have found that the breast lift procedure may provide adequate upper pole volume in a woman’s breasts that would have otherwise required a breast implant. Alternatively, some women that may think they need a breast lift may be better served with breast implants.

So, do bring in the celebrity photo for your breast augmentation consultation, but be ready for an eye opening experience about the breast augmentation results that you may be able to achieve.


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About liposuction

If you’ve lost a lot of weight, but you’re still finding it hard to get the figure you want, liposuction may be an option. This procedure is especially good for taking off a stubborn 10-15 lbs. of fat while contouring the body to make it appear as if there was much more weight loss.

Even though liposuction removes fat, its primary purpose is sculpting the target areas into a more appealing shape. Liposuction is best done on areas that typically retain fat even when other areas of the body are at the desired size. The thighs, abdomen, and buttocks are common targets of liposuction due to their propensity to take on extra fat deposits.

Since the inception of the concept back in the 1920s, liposuction has undergone many advancements. The modern version was invented in 1974 by American surgeons who were working in Rome, Italy at the time. Even their version has been improved several times.


Two of the current liposuction techniques are “tumescent” liposuction and “super-wet” liposuction. Both of these methods involve the addition of fluids as mentioned earlier. The fluids include saline solution and anesthetic. For extensive procedures or for patients who need help remaining calm, I.V. sedation may be added too. Overall, tumescent and super-wet liposuction both are a lot safer than old techniques, with the super-wet method being the safest of all.

Liposuction is done as an outpatient surgery in most cases, with the patient being able to return home shortly after the procedure is done. One unique aspect of the requirements for liposuction is that patients must have quit smoking at least two months beforehand. This is because nicotine interferes with circulation, so its presence in the body can cause tissue loss.

The recovery period lasts from two days to two weeks, depending on the extensiveness of the procedure. The patient will also need to wear a compression garment for about two to four weeks. The final result of the procedure will be evident between one to six months after the surgery, although early effects can usually be seen as soon as the swelling goes down – usually after a few days.

As with any surgery, patients should take care to find a good doctor. Check credentials, the doctor’s experience in working with the area you want to target, and get references. With the proper due diligence, you should be able to find the perfect doctor to help you get the look you want.

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